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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day

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Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

We take pride in our commitment to supporting and raising awareness of Samaritans crucial 24/7 service, which plays a pivotal role in preventing suicide and offering assistance to those facing difficult times.

In our ongoing dedication to our employees’ mental well-being, our team members have access to a confidential helpline providing counselling, practical guidance, and emotional support.

Moreover, our workforce has undergone Mental Health First Aid training and we provide free fitness memberships, recognising that a healthy body significantly contributes to mental well-being.

Our team is part of a community of over 32,000 rail professionals who have benefited from suicide prevention and trauma awareness courses offered by The Samaritans.

Additionally, we’re proud to highlight the involvement of Dominic Keegans, our Head of Survey, who volunteers as a listener with the Samaritans.

Join us in supporting their essential work right here.