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Structural Monitoring

Employing the very latest in structural monitoring technology, we deliver the essential data your projects need, direct to our cutting-edge monitoring portal, your mobile phone or inbox. In doing so, we keep your team safe and your projects on track.

Building bespoke structural monitoring systems, we work with both consultants and contractors alike, providing monitoring systems tailored to the demands of each individual project. Whether manual or automated, physical or optical, these systems provide highly accurate, real-time information on a variety of factors affecting your structures, supplying the data your teams need to make properly informed decisions.

Perhaps best described as the continuous monitoring and interpretation of forces exerting an influence upon a structure, structural monitoring can be a temporary or permanent solution to an engineering challenge, providing the data needed to…

  • Pre-empt and thus prevent potentially harmful forces from causing damage
  • Mitigate existing problems from becoming far more serious and expensive
  • Educate the construction process in real time by providing live insight into the effects of potentially harmful practices (e.g. heavy goods traffic, the use of piling or heavy machinery etc.)
  • Protect your team, other site users and the public

From station buildings and retaining walls to tunnels and OLE gantries, our monitoring specialists are ideally placed to support any projects where ongoing measurement and analysis data is a necessity.

What can we monitor?





Vibration and noise

Crack monitoring



Why do you need structural monitoring?

Whilst many projects contractually require you to carry out a program of monitoring, this should not be your primary consideration.

Even the slightest adverse movement or excess force can have a detrimental effect upon your structures – or those of adjoining properties. Seemingly minor structural damage can lead to…

  • Unexpected repair bills
  • Expensive insurance excess payments and elevated future premiums
  • Legal bills
  • Reputational issues
  • Damaged third-party relationships
  • Programme slippage and more

With relevant information, provided on time and via the right medium (text, email etc.), you and your stakeholders can respond quickly should problems arise, with minimal impact upon your project.

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Structural Monitoring