Ground Investigation

Ground Investigation

Our drilling teams and ground investigation engineers add value to your railway projects, from initial consultation and desktop investigations to testing, the production of factual reports and, ultimately, recommendations.

Designed to ascertain ground conditions in advance of design and construction, our site investigation services help predict, expose and thus mitigate risk, keeping your projects on track and your stakeholders on board. Indeed, operating throughout the country, our professional geotechnical engineers and drilling teams provide specialist ground investigation support for some of the rail sector’s largest and most recognisable projects.

To keep both your organisation and its projects safe and compliant, we offer a comprehensive and complementary range of ground investigation services to the UK’s rail sector…

Ground investigation services

  • Phase 1 desktop studies
  • Reporting (both interpretive and factual)
  • Logging
  • Laboratory testing of samples (UKAS)
  • In situ testing
  • Cable percussive and rotary drilled boreholes
  • Window sampling and probing
  • Trial pitting and trenching
  • Geotechnical monitoring services
  • Structural coring
  • Health and safety supervision

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To learn more about our ground investigation services and how we could add value to your rail projects, please get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to help.

Utility Mapping Surveys

Every time your team breaks ground, there’s a risk of striking a utility. Our utility mapping specialists use the very latest technology to mitigate your risk on site, keeping you, your team and your clients safe.

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