About SEP Rail Services

About Us

A unique pre-construction services company, we work with contractors, consultants, construction firms and more, measuring, modelling and engineering the nation’s railways.

Working hand in hand with our clients and partners, we’ve built our reputation upon the quality, reliability and flexibility of our service, developing innovative solutions to complex problems whilst making tomorrow’s railway a better place. With over 80% of our work based upon repeat business, we must be doing something right…

Part of the SEP group, we’ve been adding value to our clients’ projects for over 30 years. Indeed, as one of the UK’s fastest growing railway surveying firms, each year we deliver yet more projects for rail clients throughout the country.

What do we do?

Far from being your run-of-the-mill surveying company, we support our clients throughout the lifetime of their projects, providing the support and information they need to make the right decisions.

A genuinely diverse organisation, we offer a fully integrated, turnkey solution to our clients’ problems, adding value at each and every stage of the operation. In doing so, we help deliver the safe, compliant and timely outcome that they would naturally expect. More often than not, however, we also save them both time and money in the process, exposing efficiencies they didn’t even know were possible.

Our Services

  • Railway track surveys (plain line to complex S&C)
  • Gauge clearance surveys
  • Topographic surveys
  • 3D HDS point cloud and BIM solutions
  • Control network installation and verification
  • Height and stagger OLE surveys
  • Railway track and structure monitoring
  • Access planning
  • Site engineering
  • Ground investigation
  • CCTV drainage surveys
  • Utility mapping surveys

People and technology

A forward thinking and dynamic organisation, we know only too well that both people and technology are at the heart of everything we do. It’s no surprise, therefore, that we’re consistently investing in both…

Our in-house training programs help our team to achieve their goals, remaining passionate and at the top of their game. At the same time, with regular upgrades to our survey equipment and software, we remain at the forefront of railway surveying, delivering our clients’ data faster, more cost-effectively and in higher resolution than ever before.

SEP Rail Services
SEP Rail Services

Vision, mission and values

An ambitious but ethical business, we’re guided, not only by a strategic vision, but also by a firm set of values that help determine who as well as what we are.

Our vision? To become the UK’s leading railway surveying organisation, the survey firm that people aspire to be a part of, be they surveyors, partners or clients.

Our mission? The following seven commitments – our mission statement, if you will – set out how we hope to achieve our vision…

  • We will place the safety, health and happiness of our team above all else, especially profit
  • We will never stop investing in our people, putting their personal growth ahead of the company’s
  • We will remain a truly ethical business, treating all stakeholders with fairness and integrity
  • We will remain at the forefront of innovation, investigating and embracing both new techniques and technology
  • We will treat all stakeholders, be they clients, partners or communities, with the utmost respect and consideration
  • We will never stop in our quest for improvements in the quality and accuracy of our deliverables
  • We will continue to seek out new partnerships and alliances to add even greater value to our clients’ projects
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