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Control Networks

All projects, regardless of size or complexity, require the development of a reliable control grid to guarantee that all design and construction works relate to the same coordinate system.

An accurate control network is the underpinning foundation of any survey. Put simply, if your control network is of poor quality, all survey, setting out, implementation and verification works that utilise that network will be of similarly poor quality. The impact that a substandard control network can have on both project cost and programme cannot be overestimated.

Using a variety of techniques and based upon a local grid, Ordnance Survey coordinates or Snake Grid, we can install fully-verified control stations and networks to millimetre accuracy, providing both you and your client with the utmost confidence in any survey data produced.

Control network installation

Whilst robust control is obviously essential for the survey itself, it must also be fit for purpose for any engineering works that follow. From the outset, therefore, any control points we install are…

  • Placed in the ideal position, providing optimum sight lines for future use in construction
  • Positioned with project staging and construction stages in mind
  • Built to outlast the project and installed in locations with minimal risk of disturbance

With vast amounts of experience in planning and building complex control networks (including primary, secondary and tertiary control points) our team use the very latest GNSS / GPS receivers, 0.5″ robotic total station and precise digital levels to ensure both performance and compliance with Network Rail’s NR/L2/TRK/3100 survey standard.

Following the installation works, the control network can then be processed using a variety of software packages…

Control network processing software




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Processing complete, our team go through our strict quality control procedures, providing the client not only with their professional assessment of the control network but also with any recommendations they may deem necessary.

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Control Network Installation