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Railway Track Monitoring

One of the UK's leading providers of railway track monitoring, SEP Rail Services offers both manual and automated monitoring systems that alert you immediately should any undue track movement occur.

What may appear to be insignificant changes in twist, cant or settlement can lead to disaster should they not be detected and resolved in time.

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Whilst the automated or ‘remote’ systems we supply require considerably less human intervention (thus making them ideal for large or complex sites with poor access), the principles under which they operate remain the same. The following process describes our standard methodology for installing and maintaining a conventional, manual track monitoring regime…

  • A track monitoring plan (TMP) can be developed and submitted to the client for submission.
  • Once suitable targets have been selected, our technicians attach them to the web of the rail at three metre intervals.
  • Following the installation of the targets, a series of baseline readings are taken, against which all future readings – and potential movements – are compared.
  • During engineering works, the track is monitored on a regular basis with any undue readings (based on a series of pre-determined trigger levels) being reported and acted upon in accordance with the TMP.
  • Standard practice then demands that monitoring continues following completion of the work for a specified period, even if no movement has previously been recorded.
  • Once the final round of measurements has been taken, the targets are removed from the track.

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