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Dominic Keegans

Head of Survey
SEP Rail Services
Dominic Keegans - Survey Manager

A highly accomplished surveyor and manager with over 20 years’ experience within the rail sector, Dominic has overall responsibility for the planning and delivery of all field operations, ensuring works are carried out according to specification and expectations.

Management roles aside, Dominic is also our most experienced surveyor having left university and started working on the railway back in 1998. Whilst not an exhaustive list, notable projects he has been involved in since then include…

  • Midland Metro Alliance
  • CP5 Plain Line and S&C Renewals
  • West Coast Modernisation
  • Nexus Metro
  • Bathgate Extension
  • High Output Renewals

With a surveying career spanning sectors such as heavy industry, oil and environmental protection, Dominic has been part of a number of successful teams, from SIS and Bridgeway Consulting to the Severn Partnership and Colas Rail. From time to time, you’ll also find him carrying out the role of lead surveyor, safety assessor, COSS or SWL on demanding projects or during particularly busy periods.

Like everyone in our leadership team, Dominic is passionate about helping his surveyors become the very best they can be, encouraging them to further themselves whilst mentoring them throughout.