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SEP Rail Services take delivery of the GEDO IMS TMD


SEP Rail Services are delighted to announce the arrival of our brand-new Trimble GEDO IMS track measuring device.

No ordinary trolley, to the best of our knowledge, we’re one of only two UK survey firms to benefit from this unique piece of kit. A revolutionary approach to track survey and asset data collection, the IMS system works using a highly accurate inertial measurement unit, completely removing the need for a total station on track. It also dramatically increases the speed of data collection and thus reduces the time spent on track.

To put it into perspective… Saturday 8th June saw our team take the GEDO IMS out for its very first shift. When paired with one of our Trimble TX8 laser scanners, we collected an amazing 1,400m of track and scan data in just 3 HOURS. A real leap forward in productivity, especially when you consider the length of the average possession.

This new arrival helps keep us ahead of the game, delivering a capability we know our clients will love! To learn more about the GEDO IMS or to speak to an expert, please get in touch. You can call 01904 403 322, email or send a message via our contact page.