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Rikki Morrow

Managing Director
SEP Rail Services
Director of SEP Rail Design, SEP Rail Engineering, and SEP Culant
Rikki Morrow - Managing Director

A dynamic and visionary leader with a proactive management style, Rikki’s focus has always been upon caring for and getting the best from his team.

With almost 20 years’ experience working on the nation’s railways, Rikki started his career as a route clearance designer and junior surveyor with Corus Rail Consultancy, becoming lead surveyor within four years.

Just a few years later, he moved on to Colas Rail, taking up the position of Senior Surveyor, rising quickly through the ranks to become Operations and then Senior Operations Manager before leaving to become Survey Director at a competing railway surveying firm.

Not an exhaustive list, notable projects that Rikki has been involved in include…

  • CP5 S&C Northern & Southern Renewals
  • CP5 Plainline Renewals
  • GWEP (Great Western Electrification Project)
  • Northern Hub
  • Transpire (WoL & EoL)
  • Midland Mainline Electrification

A firm believer in the value of collaboration and strategic partnerships, Rikki is responsible for the growth and overall direction of the business, seeking out new opportunities and alliances that deliver substantial value to our clients.

Most importantly, however, he takes personal responsibility for improving and protecting the health, happiness and general well being of our team.